While the country still seems intensely divided as the election is wrapping up, sources both among the Resist and MAGA camps are beginning to come together in their mutual fear in needing to soon develop actual personalities.

People in both camps haven’t been real people with interesting thoughts or feelings for four years. The fear with Trump out of office soon is that they will have to be real people with interests and be people that others enjoy being around. That mutual awfulness is bridging the divide.

“I don’t know what TV shows to watch or books to read or friends to have,” ResistOrangeMan42069 tweeted at the Hamster. “I guess I could start by getting off this website. I’m almost gonna miss Orange Man Bad.”

“I feel ya,” MAGAPatriot2A69 responded. “I am not sure what I should do on the Internet now. I might have to talk to my wife and kids. I don’t even remember my kids names.”

The Hamster is confident the shared shittiness of both sides can move the country forward.