Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg clapped back at President Donald Trump Thursday, after the president called him “Mini Mike Bloomberg” in a tweet.

The President tweeted “Mini Mike Bloomberg is playing poker with his foolhardy and unsuspecting Democrat rivals. He says that if he loses (he really means when!) in the primaries, he will spend money helping whoever the Democrat nominee is. By doing this, he figures, they won’t hit him as hard during his hopeless “presidential” campaign. They will remain silent! The fact is, when Mini losses, he will be spending very little of his money on these “clowns” because he will consider himself to be the biggest clown of them all – and he will be right!”

Bloomberg responded in kind.

“I’m a big kid now,” the former mayor said reaching up to a microphone on his tippy toes. “I drink out of a cup with no lid. I stay up past 9. I see PG-13 movies. And we’re taking this country back from the disaster President Trump has led us into.”

Bloomberg did not take any questions from the Hamster or any other publication this afternoon, as his security quickly put him in their coat pocket and went off to the next campaign event.