President Joe Biden is reportedly working on making a listing for Supreme Court Justice on Glassdoor, with the help of several White House aides.

Biden was taken aback by the news of Stephen Breyer’s retirement, and has been working tirelessly this afternoon figuring out how to make a job posting. Sources close to the president have said it’s coming along, and they anticipate several resumes and cover letters coming in this evening. Biden said he’s confident in this “Glassdoor page.”

“We’re hopeful thanks to the world wide web there that people can send resumes digitally, through the mail, the email, they can send resumes straight to us thanks to the, uh, good folks at Glassdoor, LinkedIn and ZipperRecruits,” Biden said Wednesday afternoon. “On the computer we can read the things, pick the justices. Lots of lawyers, law folks, good law folks will send in the things and apply for the position. A position that’s very important. Supreme Court Justice. Lot of good folks want it, and we’ll pick the right one. So anyway.”

This position requires a J.D. and at least 3-5 years experience being grilled by U.S. Senators about your personal life.