While many former presidents have disappointed their base by breaking promises in their first 100 days, President Joe Biden is proud to announce that he only needed 6 weeks to lose the support of his voters.

“When he took away our $2,000 checks, I was disappointed, but I didn’t really question my vote,” said Biden voter Taylor McCaul. “Then, he deported tons of illegal immigrants and put kids in cages and it didn’t add up, but it was when he bombed Syria that I felt completely let down.” 

In a statement, Biden said that he was proud to do in six weeks what it takes other presidents months to accomplish.

“C’mon, man. Here’s the deal,” the White House press release started. “Some of these other guys were full of malarkey, but I was here from day one doing what it takes to alienate the folks, and that’s no joke.”

The Hamster can confirm more disappoint could come in the remaining days until 100