President Joe Biden announced Thursday a devastating new round of “stand with Ukraine” tweets meant to cripple Vladimir Putin and Russia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Leaders across the world condemned the Russian invasion as senseless and unprovoked and now, they say, Russia will pay the consequences. Biden said the new round of tweets will have a devastating impact on Putin’s country.

“We will be issuing hundreds, thousands, millions of ‘stand with Ukraine’ tweets,” Biden said in his address. “Complete with a little Ukraine emoji flag so they know we mean business. These tweets will come from folks all across the country, all across the world. They have Twitter in all the G7 countries. We’ll all tweet. I have twitter on my phone. It’s incredible, Twitter. Powerful. There’s Facebook, too. Instagram, I’m told. We’ll all tweet. Putin will pay.”

Biden was not able to answer questions from reporters about if the United States will take the next step and @Russia.