The world was relieved this week that the cargo ship that had been stuck in the Suez Canal was freed, opening the passageway back up for trade vessels to pass through – though new details are emerging on what caused the blockage.

What nobody saw coming was the captain of the ship being 16-year old YouTube sensation, Carter Fox.

Fox, colloquially known as “The Clout Master” by his rowdy bunch of online fans, has amassed a large following from his prank videos, usually revolved around things like prank calling a Best Buy or making flatulence sounds in public. This time Fox seems to have gone a little bigger.

In a video titled “Totally Owned! Watch Me Derail the Global Trade Economy,” the teenager described how he pulled off the “most lit prank of the century” and urged viewers to “hit that subscribe button.” The prank worked, both due to the events of the past days and his 500k new subscribers.

It’s unclear what he has planned for his next video, though he’s hinted at possibly shutting off the electricity at the Federal Reserve or perhaps dancing to Savage Love