A Velvet Hamster analysis of likely 2020 election outcomes finds that if your preferred shitty candidate ends up losing, a third party candidate will definitely be the only reason why.

The Hamster looked at many reasons both President Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden could lose the election, including the sexual assault allegations surrounding both and questions about their mental stabilities. However, these reasons – in addition to concerns about Trump’s leadership and Biden’s long career in politics – are not nearly as impactful as an additional candidate that might get 1% of the vote nationally. Independent Congressman Justin Amash is likely to be that asshole who somehow fucks everything up after he declared his exploratory committee for president Tuesday.

Supporters of both Trump and Biden have already cried foul at Amash stealing votes from their candidates, and Hamster analysis can confirm that that’s exactly the correct problem and has nothing to do with potential shitiness of the major options.