President Donald Trump’s new 1776 Commission – designed to promote a more patriotic curriculum – will stress the importance of Donald Trump’s role as a Founding Father, an astronaut who walked on the moon and much more, the Hamster has learned.

The commission aims to highlight all of Trump’s achievement from 1776-present day, something the president says is sorely lacking in classrooms today.

“You go into classrooms today and they’re learning to hate America, to hate Trump,” Trump said at a news conference Friday. “I say ‘no good.’ Terrible things, really. They’re teaching terrible things. It’s really a disgrace what they’re doing. And we’re going to fix that. This commission will be so great for our kids. You know most kids, they don’t even learn about things like the Boston Tea Party or how we won both World Wars – dominated, really, those wars weren’t close – or how we went to space. And we’re going to go back to space, believe me that’s next. They say ‘why does Trump want us to go back to space?’ That’s the Democrats, that’s what they say. From day one they’ve just been anti-Trump. That’s why they had their Russia hoax. Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s unbelievable what they’re doing. And they were against Big 10. Big 10, we brought that back. People don’t like to talk about that. But we did. And now this is what they’re doing to our kids, it’s disgraceful. 1776 Commission is coming folks.”

The Hamster will update more as it learns about the 1776 Commission’s curriculum recommendations, but so far we have confirmed it will not shy away from covering Trump’s accomplishments as the country’s 1-46th presidents, as well as the inventor of electricity with Trump Electric.