With speculation mounting as to why President Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns after four years, there is growing suspicion that he may be hiding money in the banana stand.

This theory would explain why Eric Trump has manned a banana stand outside Trump Tower in New York for several years. It would also support secondhand accounts that Trump had previously told his sons “there is always money in the banana stand. Believe me, believe me. Our bananas, they’re phenomenal and there is always money in the stands. Always. People say, ‘Donald how do you have such great bananas?’ And I say ‘well I just do,’ and they’re tremendous really. Really tremendous bananas. And there’s always money in the banana stand, don’t forget that.”

The Hamster is eagerly awaiting the tax returns to see if this theory is true. If his returns are not made public, it is still probably safe to assume it’s true.