In an effort to maintain interest in baseball by speeding up its pace of play, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has simulated the entire MLB postseason on his computer, ending the season today with the Houston Astros winning the fall classic in 5 games.

“We think this will really help us generate more interest in our game, especially among younger fans,” Manfred said. “Kids today often sim games when they’re playing Madden or 2k, so we just need to get with the times.”

In Manfred’s simulation, the Washington Nationals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 4-2 in the National League Wild Card Game, while the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Oakland Athletics 2-1. The Nationals then upset the Los Angeles Dodgers in 4 games, while the Atlanta Braves swept the St. Louis Cardinals before losing the National League Pennant to the Nationals in 6 games.

On the American League side, the Astros beat the Rays in 4 games and the New York Yankees between the Minnesota Twins in 5 games. The Astros then beat the Yankees in 5 games before beating the Nationals also in 5 games.

While fans of most teams were angry about this new process, Manfred pointed out that this took him all but 3 minutes, as opposed to an entire month of play.