America is about ready to initiate the first phase of reopening the nation’s economy, starting with essentials like parks, churches and Trump Tower Grill before getting into more frivolous things.

The president announced this first phase so citizens could get back to the things in their community they need most. Many have been clamoring for the reopening of parks for recreation and exercise, while churches have gotten by with virtual services. Local Trump Tower Grills have suffered though, and many are saying the taco bowls are what people have missed most.

“We are going to open up America again with this first phase today,” Trump said at a news conference. “Our people are going to be able to go to our beautiful parks, their places of worship and our terrific Trump Tower Grills, Trump Tower Grills have the best taco bowls, everyone agrees. Tremendous. And we are going to be opening up faster than anyone thought. It’s incredible what we’re doing, really. Just like the taco bowls. Incredible. Happy cinco, by the way. I love the Hispanics.”

There is no word on when or what Phase 2 will be.