The New York Mets have released their City Connect jerseys, which feature iconic New York imagery such as a rat and trash cans.

The uniforms are meant to highlight city pride. The San Fransisco Giants’ uniforms feature the Golden Gate Bridge on their sleeve, the Chicago Cubs have “Wrigleyville” across the front of theirs and the crosstown White Sox have “South Side.” The Mets’ jerseys follow suit with a rat taking center stage behind some of New York’s famous trash cans.

“It was important to us to have something that represented the city accurately,” Mets owner Steve Cohen said. “When you think concrete jungle where dreams are made of, you think two things: Rats and trash. We are proud to wear New York the way New Yorkers know it.”

The Mets will first wear these uniforms later this year against the Milwaukee Brewers, when they wear their cheese decorated uniforms soaked in beer.