Following his philanthropy opening schools in the United States, LeBron James is now planning to open a camp for Americans to get educated on the situation in China, a topic near and dear to his heart.

LeBron first expressed the need for Americans to get educated on the topic in a press conference Monday in which he said Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey was “not educated” on the topic. LeBron consulted with his friend Xi Jinping and the two agreed opening a camp for Americans to reeducate themselves on China was needed.

“It’s really important for Americans to learn about China and The Party and all the great things The Party is doing,” LeBron said Tuesday. “Sure we have freedom of speech here, but we can’t have people using that to say bad things about The Party, the General Secretary or whatever they might be thinking freely.”

LeBron hopes to get started on plans for the camp next week, as he is going through a particular difficult week himself right now.