With a sluggish 0-6 start after an offseason full of high hopes, a local fantasy football player is hoping to motivate his locker room to turn this season around.

“The locker room is dead,” said Braden Carper, 28, of Dyer, Ind. “We need more energy. I might need to call a team meeting, maybe organize a team dinner. Anything to motivate the guys.”

Carper’s team – Zeke and Destroy – has lost by margins ranging from 3 points to 17 points. It’s a disappointing start for a team Yahoo Fantasy gave a solid B+ to after the draft, and a roster that Carper talked about endlessly to his friends with such ringing endorsements as “yo dude, check out my team.”

Rumors are circulating that changes to the coaching staff or front office could come if the team doesn’t turn things around.