As the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and Portland Trailblazer’s Seth Curry prepare for the first game of the Western Conference Finals, father Dell Curry has reportedly been assigned as the snack parent for halftime.

Orange slices and Capri Sun will likely be on tap for game one, sources close to the Curry family tell the Hamster. Dell and his wife Sonya said they could not be more thrilled their sons’ respective teams matched up in the conference finals, as being the snack parents for both the Warriors and Blazers got tiring.

“One day we would need to bring Wheat Thins and Hi-C to Portland, the next day we were in Oakland with Fruit by the Foot and Country Time Lemonade,” Dell said. “It’ll be good to be in one spot, providing a fun, nutritious snack for both teams.”

CJ McCollum’s parents are rumored to be snack parents for game two, with Jonas Jerebko’s parents taking the duties in game four.