Hours ahead of Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery, Phoenix Suns’ executives are said to be buying copious amounts of lottery tickets and scratching them in team offices, apparently confused about the lottery process.

Suns General Manager James Jones instructed his team to head to local 7-11s and gas stations and buy as many tickets as possible to make sure the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t do so first. Everyone in the Suns front office is said to be scratching at least 50 tickets each hoping to find Zion Williamson on a ticket.

“I scratched two liberty bells and a pineapple several times,” one executive told the Hamster on the condition of anonymity Tuesday morning. “I was beginning to wonder if we were doing something wrong.”

As confused as the Suns are, the New York Knicks – who have an equal shot at obtaining the number one pick – have reportedly been in discussions with the league office about rigging the whole process, offering as much as $20 for the top pick.