As always, MacKenzie Pruitt’s 93 followers got up early this morning, anxious to see the multi-post Instagram story of her walk to work.

“It’s only a few blocks,” said follower Abbie Hawkins, “so it’s only a few minutes long, but it really sets the tone for the day. I mean, is it raining? Windy? What’s her OOTD? What’s her total vibe? Really, I can’t start my day without it.”

Last year, Pruitt went on a social media cleanse that left her followers feeling shook. Now, she says, she understands the responsibility of having 93 followers counting on her.

“Even when I’m sick or my family needs or me whatever, I’m going to be out there walking and posting to my story,” she told the Hamster. “Even if I’m just pretending to be going to work. But they need me.”