1. World War 3: We were supposed to go to war with Iran in like January/February, around then. Simpler times.
  2. The Kansas Chiefs won the Super Bowl: That was only like two months ago! Feels farther. Remember sports?
  3. The Oscars: Didn’t watch, but that happened.
  4. Iowa Caucus fuck up: That was wild. First Pete Buttigieg said he won, then it was maybe Sanders, then maybe Pete again. Who knows or cares, but did you know that was just like 8 weeks ago?!
  5. Valentine’s Day: Did you go out for Valentine’s Day? That was a month and half ago. Wow! Remember going out?
  6. Mookie Betts was traded to the Dodgers: Baseball fans will remember this one for a couple big reasons. First of all, it was a big deal. Secondly, it like just happened.
  7. Zion Williamson made his NBA debut: Another big sports day (sports were awesome). This actually happened back in January but that still makes this list because somehow that wasn’t that long ago.
  8. Baby Yoda: That meme was so cute! We’d post a ‘where is he now’ but it hasn’t even been that long.
  9. That Paul Rudd Hot Ones meme: This still pops up from time to time. You know why? Because it didn’t start too long ago! Remember those days?