A local woman’s ‘I voted’ post on Instagram is performing worse than expected, making her question if any of this was worth it at all.

April Darrington, 28, was shocked to see her post – which she spent 17 minutes crafting – had only 14 likes in two hours. A first time voter, she thought her profoundly unique statement about doing her civic duty to save our republic would have garnered a giant positive response. Instead, cricketts.

“I stood in line for 45 minutes to vote, and this is all I get?” Darrington said. “I expected at least 100 likes within the first hour, some comments of support and maybe a collab from an interested company. Was any of this worth it? I could have recorded a new Tok or watched a show in the time I wasted today.”

While this isn’t the case for every voter, voters who made their ‘I voted’ posts earlier seem to be gaining more traction online, as at this post we’ve all seen the same post several times by now and most people don’t care.