A local fully-vaccinated man is urging people still to trust the science, even as he refuses to go outside out of fear that maybe his vaccine doesn’t work.

Alan Fortman, 29, has received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, is sure to wear two masks at all times and wants to make sure everyone else does the same. And, with that trusting of the science, he is urging people to stay home until we know more about the science.

“We still don’t know if this vaccine prevents the transmission of COVID 100 percent of the time or if it prevents dying asymptomatically,” Fortman said. “There are so many new variants. Have you heard about the variants? We’re not out of the woods yet, even if this vaccine prevents transmission of the new variants. I mean, look at Florida. They’re all gonna die in a couple weeks. People need to trust science.”

Fortman is urging everyone who is vaccinated to wait two weeks before considering waiting two weeks before seeing anyone.