Sources have confirmed to the Hamster Tuesday that President Donald Trump is planning to commute the sentence of a controversial former pistachio spokesman.

The spokesman, Rod Blagojevich, was in trouble in 2009 for activities outside his role as a pistachio spokesman. In a separate role as governor of Illinois, Blagojevich was indicted on several counts of corruption. Trump has said that sentence was too harsh.

“Look, I don’t know Rod well, but he seems like a nice guy,” Trump told reporters. “He was on the Celebrity Apprentice, he was a great advocate for pistachios. Pistachios are my favorite nut. You crack ’em and crunch on them, snack on them all day. I sometimes go through half a bag in a sitting. They’re part of the cashew family, ya know. Cashews are great. Some people say they like peanuts, walnuts maybe those go great on ice cream, ya know I like ice cream. Almonds are another one. But pistachios. I mean, look, Blagojevich’s sentence was far too long. That’s what people are saying.”

The Hamster cannot confirm if Blagojevich will return to his role as a pistachio spokesman.