Social distancing still will be needed after vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the nation’s leading introverts agreed Wednesday.

Progress is being made on multiple vaccines with high rates of effectiveness, but social distancing might be here to stay for months after the fact. From Fauci’s perspective, the added social distancing is another layer of defense against infectious disease. And from introverts’ perspective, it’s another layer of defense from social activity.

“Not everyone will take the vaccine at first, so we will still need to take precaution,” Fauci told the Hamster Wednesday. “And also what I’ve heard from my introvert friends is social distancing will also keep them from having to go out and do stuff, which seems like a nice added bonus. We still need to take extra precaution against going out and doing stuff.”

As a staff of introverts, the Hamster will choose to trust this reporting.