Former ESPN, MSNBC, Fox Sports, TSN, TBS, Current TV, GQ, ESPN again and now YouTube commentator Keith Olbermann ripped apart his political opponents in a tirade during whatever his new show is called Monday evening, saying they should all be sent to the moon.

“We need these people out of society,” Olbermann yelled sharply into his out of focus iPhone camera. “The Trumps, the McConnells, the Barretts, the Tuckers, country music, my ex girlfriends. We need to round them all up. Get a rocket ship. Launch them to the moon! Then trade moons with another planet – maybe Neptune – and then kick Neptune out of our galaxy. Only then can we rid ourselves of the stain that is Donald Trump. This is SportsCenter. I mean, cut that. Cut!”

Olbermann’s program was interrupted several times as the wifi in his basement wasn’t great.