A now-viral tweet has changed lawmakers, policy makers and business leaders minds across the country, thanks in large part to its use of repetitive clapping emojis.

The tweet – which has 171k retweets and just over 420k likes – vaguely discussed the need for student loan forgiveness, or something, interrupted by clapping emojis in between each word while slowly moving to other topics.

“A πŸ‘college πŸ‘ education πŸ‘ is πŸ‘a πŸ‘right” the tweet began, before going off on a bit of a tangent. “And πŸ‘also πŸ‘hasn’t πŸ‘the πŸ‘weather πŸ‘we’veπŸ‘ been πŸ‘ having πŸ‘ been πŸ‘ kinda πŸ‘ shitty? πŸ‘ I πŸ‘ mean πŸ‘ it’s πŸ‘ still πŸ‘ technically πŸ‘ summer πŸ‘and πŸ‘ yet πŸ‘it’s πŸ‘raining πŸ‘a πŸ‘bit πŸ‘too πŸ‘much πŸ‘before πŸ‘we πŸ‘know πŸ‘it πŸ‘snow πŸ‘will πŸ‘be πŸ‘ here.”

Lawmakers have immediately looked into both issues.