With efforts to increase voter turnout in full force, pumpkin spice ballots are expected to start a big push, as much as 125% among white voters.

Suburban white swing voters are among the many demographics both candidates will need to carry if they are to be successful in November. The Biden camp in particular is glad to see increased voter turnout thanks to pumpkin spice ballots.

“These are great to sniff,” Biden said Wednesday from his basement. “We need to ensure every American of any age and any country has access to a pumpkin pie ballot to sniff and vote and sniff. We need to get out the sniff in November. This president is the worst pie we’ve ever had.”

President Trump questioned the legitimacy of easy access to pumpkin spice ballots.

“Democrats love pumpkin spice, a little too much if you ask me,” Trump told reporters. “Pumpkin spice lattes, cookies, biscuits, all kinds of pastries. And they’re terrific, many of them. I love a good pastry. But pumpkin spice elections? Not so fast. It’s interesting they make the election pumpkin spice and no one in the fake news media reports on it. It’s all Russia, Russia, Russia or ‘Trump has coronavirus.’ I beat the coronavirus so fast – this is true, people are saying this – so fast, people couldn’t believe it. No one wanted to talk about that though. All the fake news was saying was I was doing worse, I needed to be on a ventilator. C’mon. I said to my team, I said ‘can you believe this? Can you believe what they’re writing?’ It’s a disgrace, and the Democrats meanwhile are making the election pumpkin spice. It’s unbelievable.”

Ballots in some states may also offer caramel as an addition when voting.