As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex declare their desire to leave a life of royalty for a life of royalties, one of the challenges they face is security. 

As royals, they were entitled security from British Police, but what if they live outside of the UK? Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew may have a solution. His recently suicided friend has left behind an island that he believes would suit the Sussex family quite well. 

“The security was incredible. It was almost impossible to get out of there. In. To get in, I mean, which is what security is for,” Andrew said. “They said they want privacy from the media and, believe me, the media had no idea what went on there. I mean, for decades, the stuff that went on and nobody said anything. Nobody paid any attention at all. High-profile people flying in and out and not a peep. No siree. Those were the days. What was the question?”

The Sussexes are said to prefer Canada, despite the luxuries of this vacant island listed above.