In a televised BBC interview airing live right now, Prince Andrew claims he has never met the interviewer in question and is not, in fact, giving the interview currently taking place.

Interviewer Martin Bashir is growing increasingly frustrated while trying to get answers to questions about the high-ranking royal’s connections to the late Jeffrey Epstein who, the prince insists, actually committed suicide. 

“It’s incredible to me that you’d accuse me of sitting here right now speaking with you, Mr. Bashir when, to the best of my recollection, we have never met.”

When Bashir pointed out that it would be difficult to deny seeing as they were sitting under television lights with cameras on them and the interview was being broadcast live, The Duke of York stated that he was not under any hot lights or answering difficult questions, because those situations would undoubtedly make him sweat.

Velvet Hamster will reach out to Bashir and Buckingham Palace as soon as the interview that the prince denies he is giving wraps up.