Elizabeth Warren, the only remaining black candidate in the democratic field, has released the following statement on Black History Month:

“In February, we turn our focus to black history and the incredible things African-Americans have contributed to the success of this fine but inherently racist nation. Out of the initial Democratic field of 762 candidates, I am the last remaining candidate for whom black history is my own personal history. The only one who understands the struggles of growing up as a black woman in today’s United States. With the rest of the stage being totally white, except for that guy who wants to give me $1,000 a month in what I assume are reparations, it is up to me to be the standard-bearer of the black American experience. It is both an honor and a duty to tell all of the other black little girls out there that they can do it. They, too, can make it to the final five candidates for president, or however many there are. When you dream of the future, dream of being me.”