Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is reportedly looking at new options to combat coronavirus, with shutting down restaurants even harder being the most likely plan.

Indoor dining has been closed in the state for over a month, yet new cases keep rising. Pritzker is now reassessing what to do, and closing the restaurants again but even harder looks like a viable solution to him.

“People need to take this seriously,” Pritzker said. “Unfortunately, restaurants aren’t and clearly haven’t closed hard enough. In order to make them take this seriously we are going to briefly opening restaurants for a second, then closing them much, much harder than before. We are going to be personally going to everything single restaurants and shutting the doors as hard as possible.”

“Maybe then you’ll learn.”

If that doesn’t work, Pritzker said the state will consider bulldozing restaurants and bars, as well as any home where more than two people have eaten together.