A local man is ecstatic fantasy football season is starting up again, hopefully providing purpose in his life he’s been missing since last fantasy football season.

“I’ve felt like a rudderless ship since last season,” said Dave Moten, 31, of Carmel, Ind. “It’s just nice to have some structure. Some purpose. Some meaning.”

Moten came in third place in his league last year, ultimately winning the consolation bracket, giving him something to feel OK about for a few months. However, that feeling wore off by late spring and his fantasy baseball team’s early struggles didn’t help matters.

Early reports from Moten’s friends indicate he might be drafting 7th in the 10-person league, which would not bode well for his chances of building a contender and finding purpose into the winter months. Still, though, he hopes the season can get him through at least week 4 regardless of draft performance.