President Trump surprised reporters Wednesday when he informed them that he was in fact taking Flintstones Vitamins, lots of Emergen-C, chicken noodle soup and a host of other home remedies to combat coronavirus.

“I’m taking the Flinstones, the vitamin C, the soups, all of it,” Trump told reporters. “I’m hearing wonderful things. Frontline workers, they’re taking it. Doctors are taking it. So I’m taking it. Tremendous, tremendous things. What bad could happen? I have 10-12 bowls of soup per day. Many many soups. Chicken noodle, chicken stars, cream of potato. That’s my favorite, the potato. Much better than the cream of broccoli. But then I have the soup, my staff says it’s not always soup weather but I say let’s try it. I have the soup, wash it down with some ginger ale. It’s fantastic. I get tested two, three times a week and so far negative. Negative. So we’re going to keep doing it. I have the lemon everyday, tremendous. Little bit of honey, from our terrific bees hopefully the murder hornets don’t get them, we have that under control.”

“People say ‘Donald, you need to go out and sweat it all out. Just run around and sweat it all out.’ Maybe we’ll try that if I were to get the corona, but I have a terrific immune system. I have a pack of Emergen-C everyday. Everyday I have it, wonderful things.”

Reporters weren’t sure what to take away from the press conference.