In another intense day of Mario Kart with his granddaughter, President Joe Biden celebrated after winning a personal best 13 races against the child, a feat he credits to Luigi.

“Eat shit!” Biden was heard yelling as he jumped up and down in victory. “13. 13! That’s a personal best. This is why you gotta go Luigi, Jack. Wanna play Zelda? GoldenEye? Maybe just something you don’t suck at. I got all day.”

Biden’s granddaughter reportedly was ready to quit until he said “just one more” and then started playing Pokemon Stadium. The Hamster will continue to update on Biden’s game playing as the day continues.

Correction. The girl photographed was not Biden’s granddaughter. It was just another child that he clowned in Mario Kart. The Hamster regrets this error but admires Biden’s commitment to the game.