As the nation is beginning to be more optimistic that a new chapter will start soon, it’s also approaching the heavy one year milestone of it wearing sweatpants.

Roughly around this time last year, everyone in the country began wearing exclusively sweatpants. It marked a big change for the nation: an entire year at home in sweatpants. No more jeans or slacks, the year will forever be remember as “the year of the sweatpant” with many still thinking we are not quite out of the woods yet.

Many experts believe we could be coming out of the sweatpants in the coming months, pointing to metrics that show we might wear pants with zippers and belts again. But skeptics still say sweatpants could be the norm through the summer – with the possible exception of basketball shorts – and all the way until next Christmas.

The Hamster is proud to have been leading the way on sweatpants for years.