The coronavirus scare is affecting everyone, as presidential candidate Joe Biden has said now he is taking extra precautions on the campaign trail, including wearing gloves and a surgical mask before touching and sniffing potential voters.

Biden said we all have to do our part to make sure the disease doesn’t spread, and recommended others follow his lead in not sniffing people unless being careful.

“We need to be extra careful that this bird flu doesn’t spread,” Biden told an audience while campaigning in Michigan. “While we’re out sniffing voters on this campaign for comptroller, we’re going to wash our hands, wear gloves and be sure to have some hot tea with a little bit of lemon. That never fails. And make sure you avoid beef because that’s where most of the mad cow comes from.”

Donald Trump, meanwhile, is refusing to cancel campaign events and has mentioned that he has the best immune system out there, adding “believe me, it’s the best. I know a lot of immune systems and this one is the best.”