Hillary Clinton defended her friendship with Harvey Weinstein Wednesday, saying she couldn’t have known he was a serial predator since he’s not a loser like that lame ass Bernie Sanders.

The former politician said:  “We couldn’t have seen that coming, he wasn’t an obvious loser like Bernie Sanders. That guy, I tell you, obvious cooties. It’s just one of many reasons he had to sit at the freshman table in the congressional cafeteria even though he’s been there, what, 70 years? And not even the cool freshmen like, you know those women? The cool ones that hate things? He was sitting with the freshmen who sing in the Congressional Chorus. Worse than band geeks, and everybody knows it. So, anyway, yeah, Weinstein seemed fine. Breath of fresh air, really.” 

Clinton added that Weinstein would never donate to a loser like Bernie’s campaign like he did hers.