Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is putting her foot down and keeping in place curfews even as the pandemic ends, ruling that no murders are allowed after 9 p.m.

The city had curfews in place during the pandemic for such things like buying alcohol and dining at restaurants, and Lightfoot thinks it’s a good idea to keep some of those restrictions in place. Effective immediately, no murders will be allowed after 9 p.m. across the city.

“To help curb crime, we are going to be serious about these curfews,” Lightfoot said in a press conference. “We ask city residents to commit any and all murders before 9 p.m. – anything later into the evening will not be tolerated. No exceptions with the exception of police.”

While many analysts think this may lead to a spike in 8-9 p.m. murders of people trying to get their murdering in, many also believe this will have no effect on murders at any time of the day.