Fresh off winning his record 7th Super Bowl and another Super Bowl MVP award, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady revealed Monday that his famed TB12 Method is now centered around 12 taco supremes a day.

The future hall of famer has partnered with Taco Bell on promoting his method, with the chain restaurant also releasing a “Brady Box” special to their menu for a limited time. Brady says it’s been key to carrying him this far.

“I make sure I have a few chalupas both before and after working out,” Brady told the Hamster. “I have a minimum 80 ounces of Baja Blast to refuel in the day, and usually cap the day off with a crunchwrap supreme. No tomatoes though – nightshades can cause inflammation.”

Brady added that he poops seven times a day in order to keep up with the diet. It is not recommended for everyone.