A boycott of Trump Hotels has started online after documents reveal a cozy relationship with President Donald Trump.

#BoycottTrumpHotels began trending on Twitter Monday, with thousands of left-leaning users discussing how they would no longer patronize any Trump Hotels due to the chain’s support of the president. The support includes financial contributions, employment ties to Trump’s family and even branding similarities to Trump’s last name.

“We won’t stand for Trump Hotels’ support of bigotry and treason,” one user, @RESISTOrangeMan6940, tweeted. “#BoycottTrumpHotels until they end their unnecessary ties with this president.”

Similar sentiments were all over Twitter, prompting Trump Hotels to respond saying they strive to serve patrons of all political stripes, though few accepted that answer. Rumors have also been circulating that Trump Steaks could have similar ties to the president, but the Hamster can not yet confirm.