A reportedly bored President Donald Trump is considering firing off a few more covfefe tweets before all this is over, as he can’t think of much else to do with his remaining time.

The original ‘covfefe’ tweet was widely considered a high-water mark for the Trump presidency, and something the president might try to duplicate before he leaves. The timing, though, is uncertain.

“Covfefe, people liked that,” Trump was heard telling advisors this morning. “People liked covfefe, it was all the talk. It was on the news, Republicans, Democrats they all liked it really. And quite frankly, we weren’t too surprised. We knew it was going to be big, that’s why we did it. But now, Democrats are trying to say even though everyone liked covfefe – everyone, it was a tremendous success – everyone liked it, but somehow I lost the election. Somehow they found these ballots. Atlanta, Milwaukee, Arizona. These are Democrat run cities, folks. Terribly run cities. And we’re supposed to believe they just found ballots? It’s a disgrace. Never before in our history has this happened to a president, especially one that got as much done as I did. Once we count the ballots – the legal ballots – it’ll show we won and won big. Won like we’ve never seen before. People want us to continue – jobs, Big Ten, infrastructure. All good things. And covfefe. People liked covfefe.”

The Hamster will update once covfefe is tweeted.