As people continue to purchase books through Amazon and brick-and-mortar bookstore go from vibrant centers of community to deserted tributes to a bygone era, Barnes & Noble is rolling out a new service to show they have something to offer Amazon can’t- a personal touch. 

On the heels of Amazon offering package delivery inside the home and Walmart not only delivering your groceries, but putting them away for you, Barnes & Noble has announced Bedtime by B&N. At the time of your choosing, a “bedtime buddy” will climb into your bed to pre-warm it for you. Once you go to bed, your buddy will read to you from a physical book, sing you a lullaby and gently stroke your hair until you fall asleep before leaving. 

A Barnes & Noble spokesperson told Velvet Hamster “Books have always been a big part of the bedtime ritual. We think customers will appreciate some screen-free time where they can just relax, close their eyes, and enjoy bedtime for a small fee.”

Bedtime by B&N is offering pay-as-you-go and subscription services.