President Donald Trump reportedly made the same joke for the 920th consecutive day at lunch today, frustrating his already exhausted White House chef.

“Art of the Meal, am I right?” Trump said to his chef as a plate of well done steak smothered in thousand island dressing was placed in front of him. “Get it? Get that one? You get it. The media they don’t get it. It’s a joke, right? Because I wrote that book, ‘Art of the Deal’ one of the best selling books of all time. Right up there with the Bible. But we love the Bible, right? Of course I’m not comparing myself to the Bible. But the media, they will say ‘oh Trump is comparing himself to the Bible, to God. And we know that’s not true. Only in book sales. You know they say that couldn’t be done, the book sales, just like they said Big Ten couldn’t be done, but we did that. Big Ten, peace in the Middle East, jobs. You don’t hear about any of this stuff. Just collusion, Sleepy Joe, antifa folks. It’s disgraceful. We need law & order, we really do. Art of the Meal.”

Trump’s chef was said to have been muttering ‘I can’t do this shit anymore’ before pouring a cocktail around noon.