An area family was surprised to learn early Monday morning that they were signed to a two-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets at the veteran minimum salary.

The deal with the Johnson family of Des Moines was official late Sunday night, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski first reported. After the Nets signed superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to near max contracts and center Deandre Jordan to a $40 million deal, the front office looked outside the box to fill out the rest of its roster within the confines of the salary cap.

The Johnsons were surprised – as they didn’t realize they were eligible for NBA free agency – but are looking forward to the move.

“We were a little shocked by all the news,” Tim Johnson said. “I’m in sales. My wife is in real estate. We have two young kids. This wasn’t really on our radar, but I guess it’s the best shot we have to win a championship.”

The Johnson family signing capped off a wild first day of NBA free agency Sunday, but pundits have argued on both sides the fit the Johnsons will have with Durant, Irving and company. Some are saying they can provide good leadership in the locker room, and others are saying their lack of any basketball experience whatsoever won’t provide much value.