By Amelia Hamilton

Welcome to Are We Doomed? The weekly column in which I take a look at recent news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here. 

O Christmas Tree

A joke from my dad: This is a COVID tree. All of the branches had to be 6 feet apart. 

Verdict: I didn’t think anything to do with Christmas or Christmas trees could suggest we’re doomed but, once again, I’ve been proven wrong. 

Speaking of Charlie Brown

At least, I’m assuming that tree made you think of Charlie Brown. Despite saying that none of the Charlie Brown holiday specials were going to air on television this year (and only be shown on Apple+), a deal has been struck to make sure we can all enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials. 

Verdict: It’s nice to think that gigantic faceless corporations will allow us these simple pleasures. Could it be that they’re people, after all, and we’re not really doomed? 

You’ve got mail

Why isn’t my mailman this dedicated?

Verdict: He went out of his way to help a couple of people out, and that tells me we aren’t doomed after all. 

Tickle the Ivories

I love her expressions. 

Verdict: If we could all express ourselves this well, we wouldn’t be doomed at all.

Come on, now

Could anybody think this is a good idea?

Verdict: Oh, we’re doomed. This is bad indeed.

The Mind Remembers 

A ballerina with dementia hears Swan Lake:

And another woman has a try at the piano.

Verdict: Those struggling with dementia are still the same people they always were. It’s wonderful to see how music can bring back the spark. With people willing to connect, we can’t possibly be doomed. 

Mutant Mink Covid?

Mutant mink COVID exists

Verdict: Certainly seems like doom to me, I tell you what. 

Here Comes Santa Claus

These things matter.

Verdict: I love Santa and I love that kids have been assured that, pandemic or not, he will be stopping by this year. How can we be doomed if Santa is here for us.

In the final analysis… We have mutant COVID and a tragic Christmas tree, but we also have people connecting and Santa on the way, so we just might be ok. Best to be on guard, though.  

Want to know if your situation is doomed? Write and tell me about what’s going on and I’ll let you know what you can do to keep the doom at bay (unless it’s just totally doomed, in which case I’ll tell you that, too). You can tweet me @ameliahammy using #AskAmHam, message me through my Facebook page, or e-mail Let me help!